Our Services

A company’s success heavily relies on the efficiency of their supply chain. Chicago Pallet Service inspects and cleans each pallet for quality prior to delivery to our clients. This ensures that the items on your supply chain move smoothly through the line and are less prone to damage…resulting in increased efficiency and reduction in operating costs.


Our  ON-SITE pallet solutions include

Pallet Services

Repair Program, Inventory Management, Pallet Retrieval and Nationwide Pallet experts. No order is too large or small.  You let us know what you need and we will fulfill your orders.  Ask us about it.


We own our in-house fleet of tractors and trailers consisting of tractors, 53’ trailers, a straight truck and a flatbed trailer.

Heat Treating

On-site heat treating to ensure insect-free products that comply with ISMP-15 guidelines for shipments going overseas.

Pallet Design System

We designed a proprietary software that provides unit load analysis based on the product placed on the pallet and the storage and handling of the pallet. Check out one of our design sheets.